Time for Covehouse (Karina – July 2021)

“If you don’t have the time of your life at the covehouse, then there isn’t anywhere you could possibly go for that. You’ve got a hot tub overlooking the ocean with gorgeous sunsets, bountiful wildlife (we say otters, all kinds of birds, mule deer, rabbits, and a seal came right up to my kids while they were hanging out on a floatie), and the house has the feel of a lived in cozy family cabin with none of the usual generic Airbnb look. I will let you discover all of the amazing painstaking care and details of the place for yourself. There’s lots to see and do around Sooke or other parts of Vancouver island if you need that, although we preferred to spend our days in this little piece of heaven. I have stayed in many Airbnbs all over the world. To call Loki and Kara attentive is an understatement. There is a set time when they service the hot tub but otherwise you have complete privacy, but they will send regular messages with cool things to check out or places to eat. They clearly love the area and are happy to share in the love. Thank you so much Kara and Loki!!!”
Karina – July 2021