Finn-Lily Amazed – Jan 2020

“This place was amazing, pictures don’t do it justice. It feels like a fantasy cabin, there’s so much whimsy and everything is meticulously designed to give you amazing views wherever you happen to be standing. There were constant hummingbirds and chickadees just outside the windows! You can hot tub under the stars right next to the ocean! The loft area is warm and cozy and felt like sleeping in a permanent blanket fort. There’s a reading nook up in the loft too! And an art nook! And a giant lounging pillow pile and a place to do yoga. There’s even a bench right out on a tiny peninsula just off the porch. Highly recommend having a cup of tea and just taking in the peace of it all. All the amenities were fantastic as well, this place manages to feel magical and whimsical while still having modern-day appliances and everything you need. Want to have a fancy cheese board and wine while sitting next to the ocean? They’ve got you. Want to host a weekend of dungeons and dragons in style and maybe party a little too? This is the perfect place. I can’t stress how many little nooks and quiet personal places there are here. You could have 6 people here and everyone would be able to have their own personal private area to chill in, while also having a wonderful central living room area. Honestly, as a millennial, homeownership has never been a dream, now I just want to go find a place and try to recreate this, I would live here for the rest of my days if I could. 11/10 I’ll be coming back here as much as possible. My heart’s found it’s new oasis.”
Finn-Lily – Jan 2020