Make reservations through Airbnb for daily/weekly bookings
Email for more info, questions about the Covehouse or longer stays
US and international bookings may not be accepted due to border closures.

CONTACT US for gift certificates for future bookings

Due to COVID-19, WilderGarden has taken extra measures to increase safety for guests and for the hosts. Empty days are scheduled between guests, longer stays are required, smaller groups are encouraged, and additional deep cleaning is undertaken. Cleaning fees are included in the nightly rates and additional guest charges.

Pricing and availability on Airbnb may vary from the following guidelines depending on evolving circumstances:

  • Preferred minimum stay 4 nights (3 nights Oct-Apr/storm season)
    • Some opportunities for shorter stays depending
  • $295/night (based on double occupancy) CAD
    • $235-265/night during storm season
  • $20/night for each additional person
    • a maximum of 4 people total (some exceptions for infants)
    • Infants under 2 years are no charge

Check availability at our Airbnb listing.

  • No pets, no parties – we can recommend options in our area
  • No unregistered guests on the property
  • Airbnb service fees and local taxes apply
  • Weekly and monthly discounts available

See our Policies for details